Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop
to Dec 13

Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop

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I will be teaching at annual Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop. This is a tuition free workshop for emerging Asian photographers regardless of gender and age. 

The deadline of the application submission is July 24th, 2017.

If you are from Asia and want to work on to polish your photography style, this is a great opportunity.

This year's tutors are;

Antoine d'Agata
Sohrab Hura
Tania Bohórquez
Sim Chi Yin
Ian Teh
Katrin Köning
and myself. 

For more information, please check Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop website.

Venue: Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop
Address: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Period: December 3rd - December 13th, 2017

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Lighthouse Calcutta - Special K - a long term mentorship program
to Dec 24

Lighthouse Calcutta - Special K - a long term mentorship program

I will be teaching a long-term mentorship program at Lighthouse Calcutta along with Katrin Könning.  This is a year long workshop in which students are able to develop their own project. 

The underlining idea of this program is to guide students along their individual path towards fulfilling their unique projects to their maximum potential. That project may be a book, an exhibition, a video, an Instagram feed or anything else imaginable.

The program consists of 3 sessions, one week each, spread across a period of 1 year from December 2017 to December 2018.

By working closely with students over a year long period, with recurring sessions and repeated feedback, Katrin and Kosuke will help projects move towards their strengths and away from their weaknesses. This program encourages students to work on long form narratives, attempting to unravel the HOW rather than the WHAT of a project. The emphasis of the program is on being able to return to your subject / idea over time, while working with renewed and enhanced methods. This will inspire a close and intimate engagement with your story.

The program will challenge you to see your work and subjects from new directions and fully commit to your story while finding new inspiration through discovery and learning about other relevant work. Towards the end of the program, you will see your work realised in a physical form.

At it’s core, this program is about being honest with oneself and with one’s work. It is about attempting to find yourself and bringing that true version of you as a human being into your work and letting it show in the strongest way.

It’s going to be lots of hard work and lots of good times. We’re going to be putting prints all over the walls and the floors, we’ll look at tons of inspiring work (not limited to photography). There are bound to be long heated discussions and arguments, sometimes we may not agree with each other, but we’ll discover new perspectives. We’ll print and we’ll draw and we’ll cut and bind and tear stuff up trying to make something beautiful. There may be some cool people dropping in from time to time for special sessions. Finally we will produce something tangible to put out in the world from all the work that everybody creates during this time.

For more details and application, please visit The Lighthouse Calcutta website.

*Thanks to Japan Founation New Delhi for supporting this workshop ! 

Venue: Lighthouse Calcutta
Address: 164/9/1 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata - 700045, India
Period: December 2017 - December 2018 (3 times a year)

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Rhapsody in the dark
3:30pm 3:30pm

Rhapsody in the dark

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An exhibition of a new series "Rhapsody in the dark" is taking place in October in Saint-brieuc, France during "Festival Photoreporter en Baie de Saint-Brieuc" as a part of collective project "Unrest".

Opening reception: October 7th, 2017. 

Exhibition period: October 7th - November 5th, 2017

"Rhapsody in the dark" is a long-term project I have been working in Okinawa, Japan.

There are also other fantastic exhibitions taking place during the festival.

The opening date is on October 7th.

Please come join if you are in France.

For more information, please visit the official website of the "Festival Photoreporter en Baie de Saint-Brieuc".

Venue: Carré Rosengart
Address: 16 Quai Armez, 22000 Saint-Brieuc, France
Period: 7 October – 5 November 2017
Admission: Free

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SHOWCASE - Artists' books from the collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek exhibition opening reception
4:00pm 4:00pm

SHOWCASE - Artists' books from the collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek exhibition opening reception

I am happy to announce that one of my artist books "Vanishin existence -Special edition-" will be showcased as a part of exhibition at Bavarian State Library in Munich, Germany.

Opening reception: September 19th, 2017 from 7pm. 

Exhibition period: September 20th, 2017 - January 7th, 2018

Please find the details below or visit Bavarian State Library website.

Titled SHOWCASE, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek presents selected exhibits from its collection of artists' books, which was started in 1915 and has today reached a top rank on an international level. A quarter of a century has passed since the exhibition "Papiergesänge. Buchkunst im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert" ("Vocal papers. Book art in the twentieth century"). Today, the collection encompasses around 13,000 objects.

SHOWCASE makes reference to the glass cases in which the exhibits can be viewed by the visitors, but also indicates that these objects of contemporary art are collected exemplarily and individually in order to be "shown", to be exhibited, presented for browsing, but also within the meaning of a "case" for perception, for contemplation. SHOWCASE pursues the goal to effectively bring to bear the dynamism and multi-faceted expressiveness of these books, which are autonomous works of art.

From William Blake to Pablo Picasso, from Andy Warhol to Anselm Kiefer, artists have availed themselves of the book as a form of artistic expression. They have also contemplated the question what a book can be and can effect. They illustrated, wrote, coloured, created collages, photographed or took entirely experimental approaches. At times, their ideas and frequently completely novel solutions also pursued socio-political, even political objectives with an aesthetic claim. They addressed a new society in a new language and with new forms of representation. Some of them posit a new idea of man. The urge to change is directed not exclusively against terrorism and war or colonialism. It is also expressed in the "subculture" of comics, record covers and zines.

SHOWCASE illustrates impressively the enormous differences between the artists' approaches to using the book as a form of expression and the differences between the appearance of the artists' books, their design and price. Inexpensively produced, off-the-shelf books can be artists' books just like costly books of bibliophile appearance created by famous artists.


Venue: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Address: Ludwigstraße 16, 80539 Munich (Schatzkammern, 1st floor)
Period: 20 September 2017 – 7 January 2018
Opening hours: Sundays to Fridays    10:00 – 18:00
Admission: Free


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