....New title『Ibasyo』book exhibition..新刊『Ibasyo』本の展覧会.... by Kosuke Okahara

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I would like to invite you to the new exhibition "Ibasyo", the new title published from Kousakusha Publishing house. 

This exhibition focus on the photo book "Ibasyo". This is not an ordinary photo exhibition. My focus is to tell the story thorough the journey that I have gone through while making this project as a book form. Hope you enjoy this little different exhibition than a normal photo exhibition.

There is an opening event on April 21st from 6pm. Please come visit if you are in Kansai area.

Venue: Mirage Gallery(map
Address: 3-9-10-303, Kitanagasadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0012, JAPAN
Date: April 21st - May 6th, 2018
Web: www.miragegallery.jp
Email: ayaka@rokkophotofestival.com







会場:Mirage Gallery(地図
住所:〒650-0012 神戸市中央区北長狭通3丁目9-10 青柳ビル303号室
ウェブサイト: www.miragegallery.jp
メール: ayaka@rokkophotofestival.com



....Exhibition at Polka Galerie in Paris..展覧会『Terre des îles』| パリ・ポルカギャラリー.... by Kosuke Okahara


....Some of the works from the latest series "Rhapsody in the dark" will be exhibited as a part of collective show at Polka Galerie in Paris.

One of my works exhibited is with 90 prints all printed by my hands in the darkroom with traditional technic put together in 120x80cm frame. This will be the unique edition.

The collective exhibition "Land of the Islands",  conceived as a photographic trip around the theme of insularity. The invited photographers will dialogue for the occasion, exploring the roots and the poetic identity of a series of universes open on the ocean but curled up on themselves. Tiny pitches, islands-continent. Secret atolls, languages of the earth. From the largest island in the world - Greenland - to the Island of Beauty - Corsica - through the Cyclades, Sicily, Iceland, Stromboli, Okinawa, the Faroe Islands and Lofoten, Madagascar, New Guinea , Hokkaido and the Galapagos, the walls of Polka are transformed into an archipelago.

The exhibition is there until March 3rd, 2018. Please stop by Polka Galerie if you are in Paris.

[ Artists exhibited ]
Carmelo Bongiorno
Bernard Cantié
William Klein
Daido Moriyama
Sebastião Salgado
Joakim Eskildsen
Claude Nori
Jacob Aue Sobol
Kosuke Okahara


沖縄で撮影しているシリーズ "Rhapsody in the dark"  の作品の一部が、1月25日よりパリのポルカギャラリーで始まる展覧会で展示されます。




[ 出展作家 ]
岡原功祐 他

....Exhibition "Rhapsody in the dark" in Saint-Brieuc..展覧会『Rhapsody in the dark』| フランス・サン=ブリユー.... by Kosuke Okahara


....The latest exhibition "Rhapsody in the dark" is now open at Festival Photoreporter as a part of the collective project "Unrest" in Saint-Brieuc France. Thanks to the Festival Photoreporter and Maps agency for the kind invitation to this project. 

The installation is in a small cube with more than 150 photos and 60 contacts sheets.

The wall has no blanks space, and on the floor is a projection of the sea surrounding Okinawa in order to create the space without way out, which is actually what Okinawa is. Violence has always been seen in Okinawa in different forms. Now I am throwing this violence onto the audience in an enclosed space in order to force them to experience such lives. We can talk about Okinawa from a distance, but real life is where people are tangled in its harsh reality and history.

The exhibition is there until November 5th, 2017. Please stop by Le Carré Rosengart in Saint-Brieuc if you have a chance.


沖縄のプロジェクトの写真展 "Rhapsody in the dark"  が、10月7日よりフランス・サン=ブリユーで行われている写真祭 Festival Photoreporter で始まりました。





....Artists' books exhibition opening in Munich..アーティストブック展覧会 | ミュンヘン・バイエルン州立図書館 by Kosuke Okahara


....Attended the opening of the exhibition on Art Books at Bavarian State Library / Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich.

Vanishing Existence (scroll one) is a part of this show as it is a part of their collection. it's quite amazing to see the book I made next to Picasso... 

The exhibition continues until Janaury 2018. Please visit if you happen to be in Munich. Putting myself aside, it's an amazing collection of Art books, not only photography but the works of historical artists.

Big thanks to Beatrice Hernad, the curator of the libarary and the show and her colleagues !